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Mrs Kirby's Words Week 5

Lots to be excited about this week… Science experiments, Macbeth raps, poetry celebrations and Stone Age story writing!

Year 5 experienced their first taste of Year 7 lessons this week. Starting off with a bit of rapping about Macbeth with, Senior Head of English, Mr Weispeiser and shortly followed by Physics, Chemistry and Biology experiments in Science with Miss Carter; Miss Dockerill set Miss Carter on fire! Year 5 will enjoy many more of these lessons over the next few months. 

We decided to celebrate National Poetry Day this week as it fell during Healthy Eating last week. Miss Sadler and Miss Dockerill put on a great show for assembly on Tuesday, encouraging the girls to play poetry games. Mr Laouira scared Year 5 and me with his ‘shouty’ poem; he never shouts so I thought something had gone really wrong... and so did Year 5!

Here are some examples of poems which the girls have written this week.

I am who I am

I am my father who takes me on super cool adventures, 

and never lets me be sad.


  I am my mother who makes me happy with whatever she does, 

and knows when I need help and support.                                     


  I am my brother that annoys me everyday,

and who won't leave me alone.


I am my great grandmother that always makes me nice desserts, 

and that likes to cook our food for Christmas.


I am my best friend Isabella that plays with me at school,

and when we get back home calls me to play games.


I am Mr. Laouira that teaches me everyday,

 and helps me if I am stuck on something.


I am my dog Cacau that gets really excited when I come back from school

and my cat Pinky that goes to my bedroom every night and kisses me.


I am a future architect that will draw people's dream houses,

 and make their dreams come true.


I am the great opportunity that my family got so we could move to England and now we have amazing memories and we will be forever thankful. 


I am me and I don't want to change

I love being me!

 - Alicia, Year 6


I am who I am

I am my father who saves the day,

and who cures me when I am sad.


I am my mother, who helps me with my homework,

and who explains things over and over again until I understand.


I am my brother George who tucks me into bed at night,

and will always be on my side no matter what.


I am my teachers and everything they have taught me, 

and sometimes they even turn my brain to mush.


I am my dance teacher who gives me cool moves to work on,

and to practice.


I am my gymnastics coach, 

who helps me work on my flexibility and strength.


I am all my friends,

 who will always stick with me through thick and thin.


I am my dog who wakes me up in the morning,

and gives me cuddles when I need them.


I am all these people and more.


These are the memories that I have made,

and there are so much more for me to make.


I will become a famous actress who will win an oscar,

and walk the red carpet.


I will become the teacher,

who will teach children everything they need to know.


I am me and nobody else,

and no one can stop me from being myself.

- Phoebe, Year 6

Next week we look forward to lots more learning and our parent meeting ‘Meets’ with you about your daughter’s journey so far this term.

 I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Kirby

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