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Miss Barlow's Words Autumn Term Week 5

From gooseberry tarts, red velvet cakes and rainforest layer shoe boxes to Mad Hatter hats, Stone Age settlements and poetry recitals , this week has seen a variety of creative, detailed and well-thought out homework pieces come in. It has been a delight to see the girls sharing their hard work and hearing how enthusiastic they and their parents are about the work they have been doing.

As well as all of this hard work at home, the girls have had another busy week.  We celebrated National Poetry Day on Thursday; this year the theme was ‘messages’. Reception invited Mr Wespieser (Head of English and Edie’s Daddy!) to visit the class and create a live poem. Mr Wespieser asked the girls questions prior to the event to establish their favourite things and facts about the class. The poem was truly amazing and the girls all learned a short song as part of it. They are now inspired to write their own poems!

IMG_8131.JPGYear 1 not only created their own time tables of their day using o’clock and half past but also read poetry and wrote their own poem giving an inspirational message to themselves . Year 2 wrote poems to their former 3 year old selves to give them advice: Don’t worry about your first day at school; try really hard to achieve any talent you are good at; Don’t be worried to turn around, there isn’t a monster behind you!

Year 3 have used their creativity to make cave-painting on stones as well as writing poems in a bottle to Stig’s family following the NP day theme. In Year 4, Neil Armstrong has been the explorer explored this week and the girls have planned a diary entry writing as him, thinking about how he would have felt as he set off and arrived on the moon. For National Poetry Day, they performed a live recital of “Oh the places you’ll go”.

File_003.jpegYear 5 have not only been working with negative numbers in maths but have also written stories with ‘a message in a bottle’ as their theme. They were so excited by this, that they came out of the classroom chattering enthusiastically about what each of them had chosen to write about. I reminded them of Julia Immonen’s encounter of the a message in a bottle that she allowed to drift away whilst rowing the atlantic!

Year 6 have been debating deforestation and discussing if this affects us. Did you know that rainforests cover 30% of the land and in 100 years it is estimated that there will be no rainforests left?

Well done to…

The U11 & U10 teams who played All Saints yesterday.
U11a 8-0 win
U11b 9-0 loss
U10a 1-1
U10b 7-0 loss

All of the entrants to the London West ISA Art competition. Year 1 (current Year 2) came 2nd in the KS1 2D Art Group with “Our Street” and Year 3 (current Year 4) received a Highly Commended in the KS2 2D Art Group with “Hot Dogs & Cool Cats”

File_000.jpegThank you to…

Mrs Cohen and Mrs Spencer-Smith for visiting the Year 3 class to teach the girls about Rosh Hashanah. The girls learned some Jewish sayings and had sweet bread, apples and honey to represent the sweet times ahead.


A spotlight on…

TFile_001.jpegimes Tables. The girls from Year 2 to Year 6 have enjoyed showing off their ability to learn their times tables. We have had many girls achieving their bronze stickers in Year 2 and above. They are awarded bronze stickers for being able to recall their times tables to 12 in order. Once they have collected all 12 bronze stickers, they are able to claim their bronze badge in assembly. To achieve their silver stickers and badges times tables must be recalled in a random order and reasonably quickly. Gold stickers and badges are achieved when girls can apply their times tables to a range of different questions and problems. We have been very pleased with the number of stickers and badges being claimed so far and we have seen an increase in the girls’ enthusiasm for learning their tables.

Merit Certificates: Lara Lopez-Guisado (Reception), Lona Lika (Year 1), Ava Constable (Year 2), Chloe Massoubre (Year 3), Mia Cranfield (Year 4) Lola Constable (Year 5) and Libby Ban & Matilda Greenwood (Year 6).

Bunny Award: Aylin Paul, (Year 2), always being kind to others, and Laetitia Parr (Year 6) for always being a fantastic role model and for her homework piece - a wonderful rainforest layer shoe-box.

Times Table Awards:
Rhiannon Thomas

Winning House: St Vincent

Happy World Smile Day. I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


“There are hundreds of languages around the world, but a smile speaks them all.”

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