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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Miss Barlow's Words Autumn Term Week 6

DFile_004.jpeguring our penultimate week of the first half term (how quickly has that time gone?!), the girls have been as busy as usual working hard in and out of the classroom. Year 6 spent the week in Osmington Bay; a beautiful PGL centre in Dorset. The girls and boys studied the river, went rock pooling and participated in various outward bound activities. I was lucky enough to visit them on Monday night; they were having a ball! Since then, the Twitter pictures have kept us all up to date with their daily routines and achievements. The staff leading the trip came back full of enthusiasm for the group and report that the children were a credit to Claires Court. Well done to all of the pupils and thank you to the staff for their energy and commitment , and for giving up their own time to lead such a successful trip.

File_006.jpegBack home, Year 5 have experienced ‘Democracy Day’! The girls learned about voting and what democracy means, linking this to what their lessons would be that day - that is not to say Ms McLean put her feet up!! Year 4 visited Hampton Court on Monday and were privileged to be given a tour by the very knowledgeable Sophie. We first met Sophie on our trip to Windsor Castle to celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday as part of Discovery Education’s live broadcast. Miss File_007.jpegPelizzari and the girls were incredibly impressed by her knowledge and enthusiasm. Once again, the girls and boys were excellent ambassadors for Claires Court. As well as their trip, Year 4 have written diary entries as Neil Armstrong about his journey to the moon; in keeping with their topic of “Never Stop Exploring”. You may have noticed that some of the girls in Year 3 were covered in charcoal earlier in the week. This was due to the creation of cave painting underneath the File_002.jpegdesks  (on paper of course). The girls were totally engrossed in this creative and quite tricky task! Year 2 started learning about The Plague this week.  The girls have been using their historical enquiry skills to look at sources and answers questions which they set themselves. Year 1 have been measuring with metre sticks and symmetry. Excitingly, the girls received a letter from the Billy Goats Gruff asking the class to design new bridges as the goats did not want to use the troll’s bridge anywhere, for obvious reasons! Perhaps the council could have some tips for when they repair Marlow Bridge! The Reception class have been using their senses to discover new things. I was invited to a smelling competition in which I scored 3/5! For some reason I thought banana was strawberry milkshake! I was also invited to try and find out the difference between salt and sugar by sight. I soon learnt that I could not without tasting the two…

File_000.jpegCongratulations to Mrs Tyrrell on the birth of her beautiful baby, Eryn Rae, weighing a very healthy 7lbs. Eryn was born a month early on Saturday morning but both mum and baby are doing well.

Thank you to…
Mrs Rasool for visiting the Reception class to share her love of the flute and playing it for them.

A spotlight on…
Mental Maths. This has always been high up on our development plan as rapid recall of number facts is one of the fundamental skills needed to be a successful mathematician. Most ‘Morning Work’ tasks test the girls’ mental maths skills, meaning they are frequently developing this part of their maths ability. This is in addition to the other activities that they do in their maths lessons. ‘Mad Maths Minutes’ is something that a lot of the girls will know about, as this not only tests their rapid recall but it does not with an added time pressure. The girls can try an beat their previous score each time.

To celebrate Winnie the Pooh’s 90th birthday, here is one of my favourite quotes  of his:

“Never fear the shadows, they simply mean there’s light shining somewhere nearby.”

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I hope to see a lot of you are the Fireworks Display tomorrow night.  

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