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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Miss Barlow's Words Lent 2

During this first full week, the girls have been learning many new and interesting things. Year 6 have been looking closely at a short film: “Alma” during English as a stimulus for some wonderfully creative writing. Year 5 have embarked on a secret mission - I really don’t know what they are doing but I am very intrigued. I think it has something to do with our marketing department. They have also been investigating World War 2 and have been writing non chronological reports. Year 4 have been investigating and building 3d shapes, cracking secret codes and exploring the differences between Ancient Egypt and Egypt today . In Year 3, through the Willy Wonka door, the girls have been using their descriptive writing skills to write about chocolate. They have also posed questions about chocolate and researched the answers. One was: “How is white chocolate made?” Year 2 took a trip to the National Archives on Thursday to look at sources from 1666 including a map of London drawn a year after the Great Fire of London. One of the girls said that, “It was the best trip she has ever been on!” Time travel is still on Year 1’s agenda and this week the girls have been learning all about the dinosaurs. They have made dinosaurs out of clay and have been learning about the habitats which they lived in. This has been much excitement!

Reception Girls Jam TartsAnd in Reception, the girls have been learning about Rhyme.  This week it was the ‘Queen of Hearts’.  The girls wrote a recipe and followed it to make their own jam tarts. They couldn't believe it when the knave of hearts tried to steal the tarts on Thursday!!  The class decided to teach him a lesson and change him from a naughty knave to a nice knave.  They talked through our Golden Rules and told him that it is wrong to steal.  They explained that they like to share so they invited him to a tea party where they shared their tarts with him!

Sporting News

Results from this week’s fixtures;
Hockey- U9A  vs Highfield - Draw 2 -2 (Player of the match Mia Rogers)
Hockey - U9B vs Highfield - Loss 4 - 1 (Player of the match Chloe Giles)

Netball - U10A vs Oldfield - Won 9 - 0 (Player of the match Sophie Seaman)
Netball - U10B vs Oldfield - Loss 3 - 2 (Player of the match Natalia Romero)
Netball - U11B vs Oldfield - Loss 8 - 0 (Player of the match Suhani Bhalla)

Merit Certificates: Anna Lavrova (Reception), Layla Badri (Year 1), Holly Hughes (Year 2), Jessica Spencer Smith (Year 3), Bluebell St John (Year 4) Emily Hoad and (Year 5) Bunny Awards Charlotte Burfitt (Year 1) for encouraging the class to collaborate,  and Manasvi Khatuja (Year 3) for always being kind to others.  

Merit Winners

Merit Winners

Merit Winners

Mathlete of the Week Maddie Smith
Egg’cellent Reader of the Week Lily Smith
Winning House St Francis

Other awards handed out in assembly

Swimarathon certificates to all those girls who took part last Saturday. Well done!
Grade 2 Ballet with Merit to Sophie Jeffs

Important Information

Please can I remind parents that any toys which are brought in must fit easily into your daughter’s school bag. We recommend that toys are stored in the school bag during the school day and that they are not of high sentimental or high monetary value.  

Hair & Jewellery
Our uniform guidance states that the girls may wear a watch but no other jewellery is permitted in Juniors. This includes earrings. More guidance on watches will be sent out to you in the near future as we discuss the wearing of Fitbits and other smart watches.  Please can I request that hair is tied back if it is longer than shoulder length. Hair accessories must be burgundy, black, summer uniform print or hair colour.

I would like to admit that I am a stationery lover! However, to avoid distraction in the classroom we would like to give the following guidance on stationery:

1 pencil case
Colouring pencils
Felt Tips

In choosing these items, can I request that ‘smelly’ pens, or pencils and battery operated/noisy (!) sharpeners and erasers are avoided as these tend to be distracting for the girls in class.

House Points
As some of you may know, Junior Boys reward their winning house at the end of every term with a film night. We would like to replicate this here at Junior Girls. Therefore, the winning house at the end of this term will be treated to a film night at the beginning of next term. I announced this in assembly to the girls this morning; the mention of ‘popcorn’ got them very excited!!

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