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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Miss Barlow's Words Lent 3

“Take every chance, drop every fear and always reach for the stars!”

Apart from the Dance Show auditions and rehearsals, which are in full swing, this week has been another successful week. The girls have played fixtures, visited Davenies for the annual General Knowledge Quiz and been transported into outer space nonetheless! Year 6 have been investigating volume and surface area of cubes and cuboids- it was a challenging task but the girls did brilliantly! The girls in Year 5, travelled to Junior Boys to learn about space in the Learning Dome. In Year 4, the girls have been learning about Egyptian God and have made beautiful Cartouches. Year 3 endured the ultimate test in Science this week! They had the task of holding a piece of chocolate in their mouth and finding out how long it took to melt. Some held it in their mouths for a few minutes I’m told - I’m not sure I could have done this!


Year 2 have worked hard to learn about speech marks in English. In maths, multiplication arrays was the focus with many girls solving word problems involving repeated addition. In Year 1, as well as visiting the learning dome to learn about how the world started, Miss Sadler fought off dinosaurs and some of the amazing homework projects have been coming in already! Reception created a cinema and the girls used their maths skills to solve the problem of not having enough money to buy everything on offer!!! (Sweets = 2p, Popcorn = 2p, drink = 3p….. Each girl had 5p to spend. What could they buy?)

Sporting News
Results from this week’s fixtures;

U11A Hockey vs Oldfield - Won 2 - 0
U11B Hockey vs Oldfield - Lost 4 - 0
U10A Hockey vs Oldfield - Lost 4 - 0
U10B Hockey vs Oldfield - Lost 5 - 0

Merit Certificates: Zara Rasool(Reception), Layla Badri (Year 1), Holly Hughes (Year 2), Jessica Spencer Smith (Year 3), Bluebell St John (Year 4) Emily Hoad (Year 5) and Amelie Helm (Year 6)

Bunny Awards: Charlotte Burfitt (Year 1) for encouraging the class to collaborate,  and Manasvi Khatuja (Year 3) for always being kind to others.  

Winning House: St Vincent

Other awards handed out in assembly
General Knowledge Quiz Certificates awarded to Olivia Seaman, Mia Cranfield, Emily Hoad & Georgia Biddle

Important Information
Please see below some changes to activities. Apologies in advance:

Monday 30 January - Ballet will need take place in the nursery
Monday 20 February - No Gymnastics
Tuesday 21 February - No Judo
Thursday 23 February - No Gym Squad
Friday 24 February - No Lunchtime Gym Club
Thursday 9  March  - No Swim Fitness, Gymnastics and Netball due to Dance Show

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