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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Miss Barlow's Words Lent 4

As the Dance Show gets ever closer, rehearsals are in full swing (as I am sure you are all aware!) But, as always, other exciting activities in the classroom continue to happen and this week has been no exception.

In Reception, the class became scientists this week; learning about ice, melting and also which colours can be mixed together to make blue. The girls had to find out the quickest way to melt their ice cubes to release the 5p inside.  

In Year 1, dinosaurs are still the focus and this week the class learned about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. (By the way, the topic homework which is coming in is just fantastic!)

The Year 2 girls are continuing to learn about castles and they have been carrying out their own research to produce factfiles. The girls have been using the Chromebooks to type up their research using Purple Mash software.

Google Forms and surveys have been the topic of the week for Year 3. The girls created their own survey to find out which chocolate bars would be the most popular. They then emailed the Google Form to their friends at school, for them to fill in.  

I walked into the Year 4 classroom this week, just at the moment the girls were discussing, in quite some detail (!) mummification linked to their Temples and Tombs topic - very interesting indeed….!

As well as taking a trip to the Stanley Spencer Museum today, Year 5 have been learning all about The Blitz; writing newspaper reports and comic strips to portray what happened.

And finally, the staff have been treated to “BIDMAS” raps performed by Year 6 who have been learning about the order of operations. The girls are also continuing to enjoy their class reader, Skellig, and have produced some fantastic diary entries.

Sporting News

Results from this week’s fixtures;
U8A Hockey vs Highfield - Won 3 -0 (Player of the match Charlene Fleischer)
U9A Hockey vs Highfield - Lost 3 -2 (Player of the match Mia Rogers)
U10A Netball vs Godstowe - Won 3 - 1 (Player of the match Lola Constable)
U10B Netball vs Godstowe - Lost 7 - 3 (Player of the match N’eve Cottee)

Merit Certificates: Ava Denton (Reception), Caitlin Fleischer (Year 1), Casey Hunt & Mayla Patel (Year 2), Sophia Vysata (Year 3), Lucy Lamond(Year 4) Caitlin Wilson (Year 5) and Harriet Taylor-West (Year 6).

LAMDA: Maddie Smith, Anna Hughes, Georgia Biddle.

Swimming: Rose Hyde

Bunny Awards: Marni Patel (Reception) always being thoughtful and showing kindness to her friends,  and Yana Todorova & Helen Cooper (Year 6) for being incredibly kind to one another (voted for by a peer).

Winning House: St Ignatius

Mathlete of the Week: Chloe Heavyside

Egg-cellent Reader of the Week: Claire Smith

Times Table Badges: Silver - Sophie Seaman

Other awards handed out in assembly
ISA National Swimming news and medal.
Rhiannon Thomas - 2 Golds and 1 Silver
Yana Todorova - 4th Place

Important Information

Please see below some changes to activities. Apologies in advance:

Monday 30 January - Ballet will need take place in the nursery
Monday 20 February - No Gymnastics
Tuesday 21 February - No Judo
Thursday 23 February - No Gym Squad
Friday 24 February - No Lunchtime Gym Club
Thursday 9  March  - No Swim Fitness, Gymnastics and Netball due to Dance Show

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