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Claires Court Maidenhead

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Miss Barlow's Weekly Words Summer 4

In a week where most of the nation's year 6's sit their SATS, Claires Court Junior Girls....

.... sent balloons to Grandad, created Dream Jars, explored the pond habitat, built dinosaur enclosures, made pizzas and competed at the season's first athletics meeting.

This week of May is the annual SATS week which is the week that 11 year olds across the country have been preparing for for most of their Year 6 year. Unfortunately this means that most learning tasks are solely based on test questions. It also means that subjects such as music, PE, languages and art are not prioritised and are often non existant.

Claires Court Junior Schools could not be further from this sad situation. Yes, we assess the girls and boys (next week in fact) but this is to find out what progress they have made, what they know and understand and what skills they can apply. Our assessment week is not full of pressure or stress, and lessons such as music, PE, games, swimming and languages will still take place. In fact, Year 3 and 4 are off on their Outward Bound next Friday! The girls and boys attain very well and make very good progress without this pressure, if not better! Assessments help teachers find out what progress has been made and what further learning opportunities need to take place. Our Progress Tests in English and Maths, test the knowledge, understanding and skills in these subjects but they do not test the other strengths and skills the pupils have such as kindness, resilience, confidence, responsibility, respect, loyalty or integrity. Below is a very famous quote about assessing and I think it summarises our ethos on testing perfectly. 

Have a look at our gallery to see what the girls have been up to this week!

Have a lovely weekend... see some of you at The May Ball!

Miss Barlow

Merit Certificates Marni Patel (Reception),  Leona Lika (Year 1), Sylvie Corley (Year 2), Darcie Allanson (Year 3), Alexandra Kulikova & Isha Perwaz (Year 4), Eleanor Dries (Year 5) and Temilulowa Odesanya (Year 6) 

Bunny Awards Lara Lopez Guisado (Reception) for focusing well and not being distracted in Yoga, and Olivia Seaman (Year 3) for looking out for others and making sure everyone is involved at playtime. 

Mathlete of the Week Charlotte Burfitt

Egg-cellent Reader of the Week Gabriella Stoute

Winning House St Ignatius

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