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Junior Girls Sports Day 2017

Congratulations to all girls who took part in the Junior Sports Day. Unlike the previous year, we were blessed with glorious sunshine on the day. The event, held on Thursday 22 June, went incredibly smoothly and it was a fantastic afternoon of sporting endeavour. There were some excellent individual races and relays, of which showed determination and drive to gain points for their house.

1st- St Ignatius
2nd - St Therese
3rd - St Vincent
4th - St Francis

Miss Katie Hudson, PE Teacher wrote the following report:

“Based on individual results only, there were some standout individual performances in Reception to Year 6.   

The athletes who stood out in Reception were Maia Chapman, winning 1 gold and 2 silver, Lara Lopez Guisado, won 1 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze. However, the most successful performer on the day winning 3 golds and 1 silver medal was Marni Patel.

In Year 1 there was some exceptional performances. Gabriella Stoute won 2 golds and 1 bronze. Evie Keylock was also a very strong contender, winning 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze medal. Congratulations to Caitlin Fleischer who won the Victrix Ludorum with 2 golds and 2 silver medals.

IJunior Girls Sports Dayn Year 2, Anaiyah Ingoldsby, Aylin Paul and Ava Constable all proved to be strong athletes on the day winning several medals. Anaiyah won 2 golds, 1 bronze and Aylin won 2 golds and Ava won 2 silver and 1 bronze medal. The overall winner for the Victrix Ludorum was Casey Hunt winning 1 silver and 2 gold medals.  

Megan King, Darcie Allanson and Daniella Dixon in Year 3 were all in contention for the Victrix Ludorum. Megan won a gold medal in the 60m and a silver medal in the 150m and long jump. Darcie and Daniella both won 1 gold medal and a bronze medal. However Charlene Fleischer took the lead, winning 2 gold medals in the 150m and rounders ball and a silver medal in the 600m.  

In Year 4 Rhiannon Thomas won 2 gold medals in the 150m and rounders ball and 1 silver in the 60m. Romy Doyle also won a gold medal in the 150m. The overall winner of the Victrix Ludorum, gaining 3 golds in the 60m, 600m and long jump was Mia Rogers.

There were two athletes in Year 5 who stood Junior Girls Sports Dayout on the day with some exceptionally performances. These two girls could not be split for the victrix ludorum, both winning 2 golds and 1 silver each. The Year 5 Victrix Ludorum goes to Eleanor Dries and Lola Constable.

There were some fantastic individual performances in Year 6. Yana Todorova and Amelie Helm both won several medals on the day. However a young talented athlete took the lead by winning 3 gold medals in the 150m, 80m final and the shot. Winning the Victrix Ludorum for Year 6 was Temiloluwa Odesanya.  

I would like to say a big thank you to Year 7 themselves as they were very supportive of the younger girls and their patience and good humour certainly shone through. There were several girls on the day that showed great team spirit and supported their house exceptionally well. To recognise these girls, we hand out some special merit awards for courage, loyalty and effort. Congratulations to the following girls who truly deserve these medals;

Year Courage Loyalty Effort
Reception Sophia Lyne Anna Lavrova Edie Wespieser
Year 1 Layla Badri Lily McNulty Jessica Gill
Year 2 Lucy Philp Sylvie Corley Indya Rose
Year 3 Rose Hyde Olivia Seaman Erin Moorby
Year 4 Alexandra Kulikova Mireia Bawden Emily Philp
Year 5 Sophia Stevens Anya Howard Violaine Corley
Year 6 Matilda Greenwood Shraddha Kumar Samaira Jena

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