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Easter Bunny Secretly Visits Year 1!

The Year 1 boys have been making papier mache eggs for a few weeks and yesterday they found a purpose for them when the Easter Bunny made a visit.

Easter Bunny Leaves FootprintsThe boys noticed all beautiful, shiny colours on the lawn and filled up their buckets. The boys then counted (200 eggs!) and sorted them into groups. Next they shared the eggs out equally and carried them home in their "Egg Nests".

Over to the other Year 1 class now who came into school this morning to find the Easter Bunny had paid a visit… and he left quite a mess! Giant footprints led into their classroom and all over their desks! At first the boys thought it was teacher Mr Leuzinger, however when he came to measure up his footprints again the Bunnies, they soon realised it wasn’t him.

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