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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

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On Friday 29 April, the Arts Award Year 8 pupils at Claires Court Senior Boys enjoyed an inspirational session with a prominent art director and production designer, Terry Ackland-Snow.

Having worked on over 80 film and television productions, Terry’s career has seen him working on some exceptional productions including James Bond (The Living Daylights), Aliens, The Dark Crystal, Superman 2 and Spies Like Us.  And with some of the best directors, namely Tim Burton, who worked with Terry on the Rocky Horror Show as well as charging him with designing the fantastic Batmobile for 1989 Batman movie.

Student Art Work on Tim BurtonThe visit by the renowned creative was to support the boys’ summer term project which is to explore the life and work of Tim Burton.  Terry brought with him models of the Batmobile and said, “The boys were very animated and asked very intelligent questions about my work and the processes.”  

One of the most important lessons the boys took from the session was when he said, “don’t worry about making a mistake, you don't necessarily have to rub out those mistakes, they could be what makes the drawing unique and creative.”

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