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Juniors Writing Workshop

A great day of writing was had by 8 girls in years 1 and 2 who attended a writing workshop at Holy Trinity, Cookham. Children's author, Stephen Davies ran the workshop and spoke about his many years living in Burkina Faso.

This is what they got up to;

First of all, Stephen introduced the 5 ingredients for a good story (with actions)...

1. (Rub your chin) Every good story begins with a "What if...?"

2. (Spider-Man) Every good story needs a main character/hero.

3. (Hold a time bomb in one hand and a golden chalice in the other) Every good story needs problem to solve or a treasure to find.

4. (Palm Tree) Every good story needs a good setting.

5. (Fireworks) Every good story builds to a climax.

Junior Girls attend Writing WorkshopThey then looked at a photograph of a child and one of where they sleep. From these two pictures they created a character giving the child features such as a name, age, nationality, family, talents, fears, hobbies, dreams and secrets. It was time to give them a story.

The girls discovered that story writers can be 'plotters' or 'pantsers'!

Some of the girls found they work best planning the story with the help of a storyboard while others write better 'by the seat of their pants'!

All the girls involved did well and were congratulated for their imaginative ideas and feeding back to the rest of the group so confidently.

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