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Royal Wedding Of Our Own!

There were high levels of excitement in Reception this morning. Suzanne James, Reception Teacher, explains why:

‘We decided to throw a Royal Wedding party of our own - move over Harry and Meghan! We discussed all the roles needed for a wedding ceremony and thought the fairest way to choose a bride, groom, vicar, bridesmaids, etc was to pull names out of a hat.

We talked about all the traditions of a wedding and incorporated them into our re-enactment, such as giving the bride away, exchanging the rings, throwing confetti, the first dance, cutting the cake and throwing the bridal bouquet - which happened to be caught by Miss Hudson, who we have informed of our wedding planner services!!

All areas of our curriculum were covered from writing invitations and following a recipe in Literacy, counting the correct number of chairs and weighing ingredients for the cake in Maths, discussing weddings we had been to for Understanding The World - Eleanor B even brought in a picture of her parents wedding to share with the class, to Personal and Social Development where the girls showed self confidence and awareness. Scarlett said “today has been the best day ever, I love school!”’


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