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Claires Court Maidenhead

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Adventures In The Thicket

An afternoon of conker collecting and leaf hunting was had when the Reception girls and boys took to The Thicket.

As well as being successful in their mission to find conkers and autumn leaves, the group used the woodland environment to ignite their imagination. They pretended a big branch was a horse, with five children riding on it together. They also laid out sticks to mimic a fire and then started rubbing sticks to ignite the fire - fortunately this technique didn't work!

Additionally, a big log was used as a balancing beam, and the girls and boys loved playing 'hide and seek' behind the big fern leaves. There was a lot of problem solving and collaboration taking place when they tried to roll a very heavy log up a hill!

Alessia said: “The trip was so good, I wanted to stay longer but we had to go home!”  

Reception will definitely be returning soon to have more fun and adventures in The Thicket.


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