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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

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Year 13 students interviewed Claires Court English teacher Mike Hudson in his rugby refereeing capacity as part of their BTEC Sport course this week.

As part of their officiating module, they quizzed him on refereeing in the professional tier of English rugby. The students prepared questions ahead of his visit, to find out about the preparation, review and analysis involved in officiating at this level.

They included questions on how the review and assessment process of referees is organised, how long this takes for the officials, what skills are needed to be a rugby referee and how the laws of the game are used to keep players safe.

Mr Hudson was impressed with the quality of the questions asked:

"The students prepared some really good questions. They were interested in the procedures for assessing referees, and were surprised at the level of analysis and scrutiny that goes into professional refereeing performances in the Premiership and Championship. They also wanted to understand how this could be applied to their own officiating performances. It was a pleasure to come in, and I thank Mr Bowen and the students for allowing me to help out."

The BTEC students will be refereeing House football matches lower down the school this term to put their officiating to the test.

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