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Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Fire And Explosions In Science Week!

Flames and loud noises were seen and heard in the Senior Boys science classrooms this week during Science Week.

Altogether there were ten demonstrations on the theme of fire and explosions, ranging from an exploding can, a screaming jelly baby, a whoosh bottle, flame throwing, collapsing cans, burning of a £20 note, an oxygen and methane explosion, a chip pan fire and a methane bubbler.

Karen Loughran, Senior Boys Head of Science, commented:

“The boys were incredibly excited and were queuing at the door really early to get in. Two of the experiments involved volunteers - they lit the bubbles in the methane bubbler which sent huge flames rising to the ceiling and they blew flour into bunsen burner flames which again sent huge flames rising to the ceiling!”

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