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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

The Future is Bright for Claires Court Students

Sixth Form students are celebrating today after achieving results that have seen 58 students get into university. The all ability cohort not only secured success at A Level but saw high achievement in BTEC qualifications too, with 80% of BTEC students gaining either Distinction* or Distinction (A* or A equivalent).


Number of candidates           66

Pass Rates

A* - E                                         97%

A*                                              8.8%

A/ A*                                         17%

A* - C                                        70%

Piers Jonckers achieved an impressive A* in Maths, A in Physics, B in IT, and B in AS Further Maths, securing his place to study Computer Science at the University of Southampton. Piers commented: “The teachers are very enthusiastic and push you. I’ve been at Claires Court since Year 3 and the experience has been really enjoyable. I’m delighted to be progressing on to my chosen university.”

Laurence Murphy was thrilled to receive an A* in Maths, two B’s in Physics and Economics, and an A in AS Further Maths. Laurence said: “I’m really happy and satisfied with my results. I wouldn’t have achieved them without the personal support I received at Claires Court. In the future I’m planning to work in analytics, ideally for Google!”

Katie Garthside received an A in Maths, B in Chemistry, C in Biology and A in AS Further Maths. Katie, who is now joining the University of Kent to study Biomedical Engineering, said: “I’m so happy with my results! I’ve been at Claires Court since Year 7 and I’ve found there’s always someone available to help. I’m hoping to work in the field of prosthetics in the future.”

Natasha Maher was amazed at her results of two Distinction* and one Distinction in BTEC Sport, the equivalent of two A*s and an A at A Level. Natasha commented: “The teachers at Claires Court have been so helpful and I’m over the moon to be going to Oxford Brookes University to study Sports Coaching and Physical Education”.

Stephanie Rogers, Head of Sixth Form said: 

“Today is a celebration of the focused work, grit and determination shown by our students over the past two years. I am proud of each one of them and it was a privilege to share in the delight of so many getting not just their grades but also places at university and other ongoing destinations. Yes, the students have improved their academic and transferable skills, but just as importantly they have become more resilient, competent and confident, prepared for the next adventures they are each moving onto, ready to take their place in society and shape it for the better.

“As well as sharing this pivotal junction with students; parents, families and teachers were also there to enjoy this watershed moment in their sons and daughters lives. It has been a positive time of recognition and congratulations to all involved in the achievement of remarkable outcomes and I look forward to hearing how students settle into their new routines come September.”

James Wilding, Academic Principal added: 

“Today is very much a day for celebrating with our students and families their achievements after two years of A Level study.  School’s out, and they are very well set for their next stages in life. This is the first year in which all A Levels have been determined by performance in Year 13, bringing to a conclusion the examination reforms of the last five years. We’ve maintained a strong A*-C performance, despite the change from modular to terminal examinations. It’s been a particularly interesting challenge for both students and teachers, as this cohort are the last to have sat the old style broader GCSE programme, so the uplift to the new more academically rigorous exams has been significant.

“It’s interesting to note that the BTEC route permits the review and improve approach, and with 80% of our candidates gaining either Distinction* or Distinction (A* or A equivalent), it's certainly an excellent alternative route. It’s also nice to see three students take up the option to study on Tennis and Soccer Scholarships at the Universities of Ohio, Florida and Kansas.  Most of our students have achieved their first or reserve choice of University course, and are ready to rise to the challenge of their forthcoming undergraduate studies and we wish them all well.”

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