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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Share the love of reading with a book swap

J.K. Rowling once said: “If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.” With World Book Day fast approaching we are encouraging all pupils from Reception to Year 11 to read for pleasure and share the love of reading with their peers by taking part in our book swap initiative.

To take part in the book swap, pupils are encouraged to follow these five steps:

  1. Bring in a book in good condition that you have enjoyed but no longer want. Clean and undamaged please!

  2. Make sure your family agrees with your choice and the story would be enjoyed by a friend of the same age.

  3. Bring the book to the Junior or Senior Library at lunchtime on Thursday 5 March.

  4. Exchange your old book for a new book.

  5. Take your new book home, read it and enjoy it!


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