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Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Remembering the War in Years 1 & 2

Girls and Boys have been learning about Remembrance Day through various poppy art and poetry and visiting Stubbings War Memorial.

Year 1
In Year 1s Religious Studies lessons boys  learned all about Remembrance Day, World War 1 and why we wear poppies. They then did a little write up about it and painted their own Poppies. As well as creating traditional red poppy to remember those lost during the war or those still suffering the effects, boys created purple poppies to remember war animals.

The boys then combined fireworks whilst learning about Guy Fawkes and what he tried to do in 1605 before they created Firework pictures with lots and lots of glitter!

Year 2Poppy Artwork
The Year 2 Girls and Boys visited Stubbings Church of St. James-the-Less, Stubbings to see the war memorial. The simple stone memorial tells of the lives lost in two World Wars. The girls and boys looked at and discussed the significance of the war memorials and found out more about the features of the inside and outside of a church which they had learned about in their RS lessons.

Whilst looking around they noticed that one family, the Bloomfields, lost three sons fighting for their country and that as recently as 2009 Maidenhead lost another young man, Daniel Hume, fighting in Afghanistan. They placed a handmade poppy wreath at the memorial.

“In the Church there were stained glass windows and every window told a story about Jesus with beautiful colours.”




“We saw kneelers (in the Church) and a painted ceiling. We looked at the bell pull (and saw the bell outside). We looked at the grave of a man who was in the RAF. We saw yew trees which they made bows from.”



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