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from Nursery to Sixth Form

Top Grades Expected for A Level Drama Moderation

Three boys in Year 13 performed their final devised drama piece to a moderator on Monday 8 February.

This outstanding performance called, 'The Entertainer', held the audience of students, staff and family members spellbound from beginning to end.

The overarching storyline was about Noel Coward exiting a party in Jamaica standing on the balcony. The Black Dog lures him off the balcony and out of reality, into Coward's own mind. Coward falls into a low state of regret and seeming failure. The students aimed to create a piece that demonstrated the dark power of depression as well as the duality within the entertainer. They worked in the style of expressionism: disjointed scenes, abstract movement, noise, poetic language and monologues.

Magda Oliver, Head of Drama said;

“They succeeded in creating a highly effective theatrical experience for the audience. All three actors, Sam Gipple (Black Dog), Jordan Broatch (Noel Coward) and Freddie Churchill (all the others), demonstrated a high degree of inventiveness in their work, displaying excellent technical accomplishment in their acting. They all sang, Jordan with his heavenly beautiful voice, Sam played the piano, Freddie did the Charleston and they all gave everything they had during rehearsals and the final performance. They performed in a highly demanding style and explored a very sensitive social issue to great effect.“

Heads of Sixth Form, Andy Giles and Stephanie Rogers commented;

“We confidently expect top grades for such brilliant performances! Congratulations to the boys and many thanks to their teacher and director, Mrs Maggie Oliver. Thanks also to Callum in Year 12 who was excellent in managing the lighting and sound.”

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