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Nursery Launch Rockets Into Space

Nursery have created rockets out of kitchen rolls, straws and a balloon, but before they could launch they came across a problem! The boys and girls discovered that the rockets were too heavy for their power source. So they tried a new tactic with just a balloon, a straw and a very light plastic rocket on top of the balloon which worked with great success. The children learned that if we don't succeed first time we need to re-think and adapt our work.

Nursery Space TopicThe children were also busy this week creating a 'cosmic' backdrop for their classroom display. They used various one handed tools and tried different techniques to create various patterns. The language being used was 'Out of this World' and extremely impressive;

Teacher: "What do you need in space?"
Harry, aged 3: Oxygen. And it helps you breathe in space. If you have your tank, you can put oxygen in it."

One boy drew a picture of the earth and shone a torch onto it saying;
"This is earth...and this is the sun. It gives us our light." Axel, aged 3

Here’s a video of the rocket launch


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