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Building An Electric Lego City

On Friday 10 March, the Year 3 girls set off to join the Year 3 boys for an Electric Lego City workshop.

After a brief introduction from Stephen, they set about constructing houses, hotels, offices etc. A couple of girls built a farm and a farmhouse with a veranda, complete with sunlounger and parasol. On the opposite side of the room a group of boys were constructing a sports stadium with floodlights!

With basic construction completed, the groups brought their individual creations together, laying out roads and adding streetlights to develop their cities, before the buildings were connected to battery packs and the cities came to life - there was an audible gasp as the overhead lighting was switched off and the little buildings glowed!

Sadly at the end of the workshop, everything had to be tidied away, a job which was tackled quickly and sensibly, sorting all the pieces back into their correct tubs.

Well done to all those involved for their creativity and superb collaboration skills!

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