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Feasting Like Egyptians

To round off a term spent studying the Ancient Egyptians, the Year 4 girls had an Egyptian Feast accompanied by traditional music!

Mrs Badger, who has lived in that area of the world, brought in some local delicacies for the girls to taste.

Year 4 Try Egyptian FoodThey began with olives, flatbread, hummus, falafel and ful medames, a dish of cooked fava beans which Mrs Badger had made at home. This was followed by feta and halloumi cheeses, dates, grapes and yoghurt.

Mrs Claire Wardman, Teacher said;

“Halloumi was definitely the most popular item with ful medames splitting the class into 'love it' and 'hate it' groups. Everything was washed down with some delicious pomegranate juice before the girls created their own mouthwatering menus for restaurants such as Pyramid Paradise and Fabulous Pharaoh's Food.”

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