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from Nursery to Sixth Form

Easter Bunny Secretly Delivers Gifts

It’s true! The Easter Bunny was in School and paid a visit to Year 1 boys classes, some of the boys said they saw him run off and hide behind the log cabins!

Easter Bunny Leaves FootprintsClass 1Y found eggs all over the field and pupil Oliver used his "spidey senses" to find a way of getting the Easter Egg hidden in the tree.

The Easter Bunny made an appearance to 1G over night and left some treats for the boys on their table. The boys came in to find bunny footprints all over the classroom!

As you can imagine the boys were very, very, excited and the look of joy their faces was lovely to see.

The Easter Bunny then made his way to Year 2 boys and girls who explored the woods to find the hidden chocolate goodies.

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