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Let Year 2 Tell You About Their Trip!

Boys in Year 2 headed to Thatcham to visit The Living Rainforest where they explored the different plants and variety of animals. A few boys have written accounts below:

“On Friday the 6th of May we went to the Living Rainforest. When we first got inside it was quite humid, well we did travel on the bus for a long time. First we could see plants but then we could see a Goeldi Monkey. At the start everyone was looking for the Sloth but then people gave up. But we did see a Toucan, an Armadillo, a water Dragon and a Poison Dart Frog. Then it was time for lunch.

After lunch we went on a fun playground. Then we had a tour guide and she told us if we ended up in a rainforest what we would eat. I would eat Armadillo, a Goeldi Monkey and a Sloth.”

Ethan:Year 2 Explore The Living Rainforest
“We went on the coach to Newbury Rainforest. We went in and it was hot, damp and humid. We were surrounded by plants. I saw the Poison Dart Frog and a cockroach at the start. Fishes were in the water and a water Dragon was on a tree. We saw Toucans and Turtles in the Rainforest. We had lunch and had a play. We learned that Armadillos make holes everyday. My favourite were the Monkeys eating corn.”

“On Friday we went to the Living Rainforest. It was very hard to see Cinnamon the Sloth. He was very gray and slow. We saw the yellow knobbed Curacao called Luigi, he’s fancy with curly feathers and stands on logs a lot. It’s very humid at the Living Rainforest. My favourite animal is the Toucan because they crack nuts with their big beaks. They can fly and knock the nuts down. It was the best day of my life I loved it so much.”

Year 2 Explore The Living Rainforest“Last Friday we went to the Living Rainforest. We got there by coach. We sat in a wooden fence area and had biscuits and a drink then we got going. The first animal we saw were the Poison Dart Frogs they were blue and black. Then we saw a yellow knobbed Curacao called Luigi. The other animals we saw were a water monitor Lizard its tongue was black. Then he started to move on to a log and got into the water and out on a show. Then we washed our hands and we had lunch. After lunch we had a play outside. Then we had a tour. The lady told us about the fruit in the Rainforest. I saw an Iguana’s tail. My favourite animal was the Water Monitor.”

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