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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Nursery Fees 2020-2021

This page and Nursery fees/details are currently being reviewed and updated and may be subject to change. Please call 01628 327710 or email for more information.  


the nursery - ADMISSION AGEs

Children may start our journey in the term in which they turn three year olds


The Nursery offers the following sessions:

PART TIME: Five mornings 8.30am to 12pm (£55 net of government funding or £128.50 if the child is under three years old)

FULL TIME: Five full days 9am to 3pm (£157.50 net of government funding or £220.30 if the child is under three years old)

Availability to be confirmed 1pm to 4pm.


At Claires Court children in our Nursery are entitled to 15 free hours per week, (3 hours per morning session), however this does not apply until the term after the child turns three. Pupils can join the Nursery in the term in which they turn three but there is no free entitlement. 

Fees are based on children attending the same set of morning, lunch or afternoon sessions each week throughout the term. Any additional sessions will be charged on the casual rate basis. Children in Nursery Classes must attend a minimum of two morning sessions per week; those in Transition Class attend five morning sessions per week. If your child is then attending an afternoon session on the same day, a lunchtime session will automatically be allocated.

The sections below explain how our fees are calculated, your termly costs and how we apply 15 free hours per week.

Please email or call us (01628 327710) and we can help.

Fees (these are fees/time options pre-covid-19 and are subject to change 

This page and Nursery fees/details are currently being reviewed and updated and may be subject to change. Please call 01628 327710 or email for more information.  


This offer is for parents requiring full care, five days per week (07:30 to 18:30).  The package includes both Extended Day elements, a Full Day and breakfast, hot lunch and tea.  It applies only to those eligible for free hours and for five full days, booked in advance termly.

Full Time Nursery Package


£40.00 per day, for five full days as above

daily and session charges

Our charges on a daily/sessional basis are as below. 

Full Day - £39.70* Morning - £11* Lunch - £10.20*** Afternoon - £18.50

The table below is a guide of the most common combinations:

Days per week Session Autumn 2019 (£) Lent 2020 (£) Summer 2020 (£)
          Free hours qualifying birth date 1 Sep 14  to 31 Aug 16 1 Jan 15 to 31 Dec 16 1 Apr 15 to 31 Mar 17


with free entitlement*

286.00 246.40 233.20
3 429.00 369.60 349.80
4 572.00 492.80 466.40
5** 715.00 616.00 583.00


no free entitlement

668.20 575.68 544.84
3 1002.30 863.52 817.26
4 1336.40 1151.36 1089.68
5** 1670.50 1439.20 1362.10
no free entitlement
132.60 114.24 108.12
2 265.20 228.48 216.24
3 397.80 342.72 324.36
4 530.40 456.96 432.48
5 663.00 571.20 540.60
no free entitlement
240.50 207.20 196.10
2 481.00 414.40 392.20
3 721.50 621.60 588.30
4 962.00 828.80 784.40
5 1202.50 1036.00 980.50

with free entitlement
exc. Extended Day

1032.20 889.28 841.64
3 1548.30 1333.92 1262.46
4 2064.40 1778.56 1683.28
5 2580.50 2223.20 2104.10


no free entitlement exc. Extended Day

1414.40 1218.56 1153.28
3 2121.60 1827.84 1729.92
4 2828.80 2437.12 2306.56
5 3536.00 3046.40 2883.20

* Fees relate to those hours over and above the three free hours available per day.

** Transition setting requires attendance five mornings per week.

*** Includes a hot lunch.

other charges 

Extended Day - Breakfast Club (breakfast included) 


Extended Day - After School Care (light tea included)



Casual extra sessions can be booked subject to availability.  Please enquire directly with Nursery staff.  Rates per casual session are as follows (these sessions do not qualify for the Nursery Funding):

Morning  Lunchtime  Afternoon
£32.50 £13.00 incl. hot lunch £22.50


Fees are invoiced and payable by Direct Debit on the second Monday of each half term unless already paid by Childcare Vouchers. A charge of £30.00 will be levied for failed Direct Debit payments.


Autumn  7 Sep 2020 19 Oct to 31 Oct 2020 16 Dec 2020


Lent   6 Jan 2021 15 Feb – 19 Feb 2021 30 Mar 2021


Summer  21 Apr 2021 31 May – 4 Jun 2021 10 Jul 2021 57
Please note that the Autumn half-term break is for two weeks.


Children in the Nursery settings (3 year olds) must attend for a minimum of two morning sessions per week. Additional morning and/or lunch and afternoon sessions can be booked separately, subject to availability.

Children in the Transition setting (4 year olds) must attend five mornings per week, offering academic continuity and development in the pupils' learning. Additional lunch and/or afternoon sessions can be booked, subject to availability.


During lunchtime sessions children are supervised while eating a packed lunch.


In the afternoon there is a varied and stimulating activity programme for children.  Activities may include Creative Arts, Dance, Malleable Materials, French, Music, Imaginative Play and Physical Development.

Extended Day and Holiday Care

'Breakfast Club and After School Care' can be booked separately offering an extended day from 7.30am until 6pm. 

Claires Court also runs Holiday Club outside of term time. Please discuss your requirements with the School Office.


All children must wear the official School burgundy sweatshirt and grey T-shirt. These can be purchased from our uniform supplier - Goyals, Bridge Street, Maidenhead (01628 639725).


Our setting has been accepted by the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead (RBWM) as an appropriate provider of Early Years Education and pupils on roll are eligible to receive a free entitlement under the Nursery Education Funding scheme (NEF).

Currently all qualifying three and four year olds are entitled to 570 hours of free nursery education per year.  We offer three hours free within each of our morning sessions up to a total of 15 hours weekly and eligible children can make up the difference (to a maximum of 30 hours in any week) with another provider. To qualify for the free entitlement, it is only necessary to provide proof of age (e.g. a birth certificate) and a signed Parental Declaration form (available from the School Office). 

Subject to availability, the Nursery has limited places available from 12:30pm to 3:30pm daily during term time.  These are offered on a no-registration fee basis (for entry at 3+ years) but, for reasons of equality and fairness, it is necessary to operate a waiting list system. Please apply as soon as possible to the Head of the Nursery in writing if you wish to place your child’s name on this waiting list. Please note that afternoon sessions are not open to those attending morning sessions and that uniform is required (see above). The Registration Fee of £100 is payable immediately if other sessions are taken e.g. casual, pro rata and out-of-school care sessions.

The qualifying birthdates indicated in the fee table are those provided by the RBWM and are based on the current funding obligations of the local authority. These may change in the future and the dates are to be used as a guide only.

CHILDCARE VOUCHERS & tax-free childcare 

The School will accept Childcare vouchers in payment of Nursery Fees under HMRC rules or will invoice parents’ employers direct. The School’s contract, however, remains with the Parents, who will be liable for settlement of fees in the event that Childcare Vouchers or employer invoices are unpaid for any reason. HMRC has now launched the new Tax-Free Childcare online payment account and the School has signed up to be able to receive payments from these accounts.


Insurance cover against personal injury and dental accident is included.  Please note that cover does not extend to medical expenses. Our fees refund scheme does not cover Nursery Fees.


A £100 Registration Fee is payable with your application form. This is non-refundable once an offer is confirmed in writing by the School. A deposit is not required although one is required on transfer to a Claires Court Reception Class.


A half term's notice, in writing to the Head, is required for the withdrawal of a pupil from the Nursery, otherwise a half term's fees will be payable in lieu of such notice. 

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