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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Overview and Vision

Claires Court New School Artist ImpressionTHE new school campus


Claires Court is a popular and successful school serving Maidenhead and the surrounding area. 

The proposal will unify Claires Court into a single campus with extensive playing fields, which will provide a high quality school environment, catering for children from Early Years up to Sixth Form.

The school is currently split over three sites with existing buildings that are old and in need of renovation. Consolidating these sites will create a unified and modern school campus that will reduce the need to travel between sites and allow pupils at Claires Court to continue to thrive.

The proposed scheme will:

  • Deliver a unified and modern school campus which is fit for purpose
  • Enable a sustainable future for Claires Court, its pupils and its employees
  • Provide a learning environment which will enable our pupils to continue to thrive, succeed and achieve
  • Facilitate an important educational choice for local parents
  • Serve as the permanent new home of Maidenhead Hockey Club whose members will enjoy access to a clubhouse and all-weather pitches
  • Preserve, enhance and create areas for wildlife
  • Retain the School's values, offering and ethos.


In partnership with Claires Court, the campus will also serve as the permanent new home of Maidenhead Hockey Club whose members will enjoy access to a new clubhouse and all-weather pitches. These facilities will enhance the sporting and social experience for members and deliver improved health and wellbeing benefits, helping the club to grow and attract a new generation of hockey players. 


Alongside improvements to the local transport infrastructure, better access to and from the school site and a reduction in school related traffic, local residents will also benefit from the steps that we will take to manage the vista and the environment at the Cannon Lane site in a sustainable and responsible way.

These steps will include significant boundary landscaping and planting of new trees and hedges and the protection of views from Cannon Lane. The outlook of the surrounding area will be enhanced through the replacement of the existing overhead power cables with underground cables and the provision on site of an environmental garden and ecological habitat area to support and protect wildlife in situ. We will also provide two acres of land for use by the local community at the Cannon Lane site. The uses will be decided in consultation with local residents and could include allotments or public open space.

As well as improving the environment for local residents, the new school campus will enable Claires Court to provide a number of means tested places for students in the local area. This will give opportunities to local pupils whose families would not normally be able to afford a Claires Court education.

The new school campus will enable Claires Court to continue its role as an important member of the local community and a responsible neighbour, and to broaden its activities and further extend its connections with local community groups so that the school’s excellent new facilities can be made available for the benefit of Maidenhead as a whole.

New Campus Design

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