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Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Weekly Words from Mr Wilding

We have paused Heads Words for the moment but please see below for all the historic news from 2021-22. Mr Wilding writes a blog which he updates regularly and you may be interested to read it here.

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  • Mr Wilding's Words Summer Week 10

    Published 08/07/22, by Anneliese Brackin

    The best news of all from this last week comes from the school’s world of rowing. Our two quads were selected as seeds for the finals, and the Eight qualified in the Friday time trial the previous Friday.

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  • Mr Wilding's Words Summer Week 9

    Published 01/07/22, by Anneliese Brackin

    Thank you one and all for the support you were able to bring to the Summer Fete last Saturday, providing if nothing else for the opportunity for us all to come together as a community.

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  • Mr Wilding's Words Summer Week 8

    Published 24/06/22, by Catherine Corrigan

    Thank goodness for small mercies!

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  • Mr Wilding's Words Summer Week 7

    Published 17/06/22, by Catherine Corrigan

    The arrival of Summer Dress in school reminds us that the weather has decided to behave and support the school (and country’s) outdoor season. Parents know just how hard the CC Sports departments work, with athletics, rowing and sailing all currently participating in regional and national championships.

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  • Mr Wilding's Words Summer Week 6

    Published 09/06/22, by Anneliese Brackin

    Returning from the Jubilee weekend was so refreshing, in many ways a cleansing experience for us all, being a genuine celebration of not just our monarch’s reign, but the sheer breadth, diversity and talent to be seen in our country.

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  • Mr Wilding's Words Summer Week 5

    Published 27/05/22, by Anneliese Brackin

    My words last week included reference to some excellent expedition work by Year 9 & 10 towards their Bronze Award DofE. It was so lovely to hear from the independent assessors collectively just how well our boys and girls worked together as they navigated through the eastern Thames Valley/Chilterns.

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  • Mr Wilding's Words Summer Week 4

    Published 20/05/22, by Anneliese Brackin

    Year 11 signed off their formal years of school on Friday with their Celebration Assembly, led by Mrs Selzer and Mr Buckle, supported by former head John Rayer and PTA President Phyllis Avery MBE.

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  • Mr Wilding's Words Summer Week 3

    Published 13/05/22, by Anneliese Brackin

    Kelly House teachers pose for the Victors’ photograph after this week’s official opening of the House Basketball competition - led brilliantly by Miss Lowry whose lay up skills prove second to none!

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  • Mr Wilding's Words Summer Week 2

    Published 06/05/22, by Catherine Corrigan

    This second week back at school has been made all the more successful by the on-going fine weather, permitting almost everything we need to take place to happen, and on schedule, as planned!

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  • Mr Wilding's Words Summer Term Week 1

    Published 29/04/22, by Anneliese Brackin

    Welcome back one and all to the Summer Term 2022.

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  • Mr Wilding's Words Lent Week 11

    Published 01/04/22, by Catherine Corrigan

    This week has been fun packed with cross country for Years 7-9 and our Charity Walk taking place in unseasonably cold and snowy conditions along the Thames!

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  • Mr Wilding's Words Lent Week 10

    Published 25/03/22, by Catherine Corrigan

    The extraordinary blossoming of activity in school may have been cunningly planned (ahem, ahem), but to have nature's support through the brilliance of sunshine provision has been a real bonus.

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