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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Meet a Pupil



Year 8

Lauren found the other secondary schools she visited ‘big and scary’. So after being recommended the school by her Auntie, a former pupil, she came to an Open Morning, found it really welcoming and loved what she saw.

With a passion for English and Drama, Lauren had a part in the School’s summer production ‘Our Day Out’ and is a member of the Book Club.

When I joined I was never really good at maths. This is the subject I have most improved in due to the teachers explaining things well and because of the small classes, teachers give you a lot more attention and you get help really quickly.

My message to Year 6 pupils moving up is; if you aren’t a very confident person you will definitely grow in confidence. Don’t be worried as it isn’t as scary as it seems, you’ll find it really easy to make friends.


Year 8

Since joining the school in Year 7, Katie has embraced all the activities available to her, improving in some and taking part in others just because she can.

I have improved a lot in sport, I took part in the dance show and love hockey, swimming and netball - although I’m not very good at I find it fun. I know now that you just need to always push yourself and the teachers will help you get there.

My maths has improved too, as the teachers come and help you straight away and answer their emails quickly.”

“I have always played piano on and off, but I am finally sticking to it because my teacher is so nice and encourages me to keep going.


Head Girl

Year 11

Niamh moved into the area and joined in Year 2.

A talented musician, singer and actress, Niamh described the opportunities the school has given her as brilliant!  She’s not shy of the sports field either, with hockey, netball and athletics being top of her list of activities.

The high point of her educational journey at Claires Court is her appointment as Head Girl.

I remember when I first came to look at the school it being a friendly and happy place, but at the time I wanted to join as the uniform was pink!

I love this School, there are so many opportunities, I grab every opportunity I get, it is brilliant.

The teachers know you so well, you are not just one of the crowd.  They push you in the right direction.  I wasn’t very confident at Maths; I am now in the top set and love it. School is challenging, you get extra work if you finish something, but the teachers don’t give up on you if you are struggling.  They really care.  My maths teacher thinks I could do it for A Level.  I now have so many choices and options, and a range of skills from being a Language Leader, Higher Sports Leader, Playmaker and working with the Juniors.

Being given the responsibility of Head Girl is an honour, it is my biggest achievement to date and I feel recognition of my effort over the years.


Deputy Head Girl

Year 11

Esmée is Dutch; she joined the School in Year 9, with only basic English.  Her journey from the Netherlands to becoming Deputy Head Girl is one she is very proud of.

When I came to Claires Court, I wanted to join the School because of the sporting element but also, because I couldn’t speak much English, I needed all the help and attention I could get to succeed. My English has improved immensely, the teachers are very supportive and I like the way you can ask them anything.  The small class sizes mean that you feel the focus is on ‘you’.  The atmosphere is great, everyone knows each other.

In the future I think I would like to study maths further, although it might change.  I really like everything about the School, I am a Language Leader, a member of the choir, part of many sports teams and enjoy helping out with the Junior Girls study sessions.

My family in the Netherlands don’t understand what being appointed Deputy Head Girl means, but I am very proud of myself as it shows how far I have come and what I have achieved.


Deputy Head Girl

Year 11

Hattie joined Claires Court from a well-regarded state primary, following in the footsteps of her older sister.

Hattie fully embraces the opportunities at Senior Girls and as well as now enjoying sport and science, is a Language Leader and an Arts Award pupil.

Your primary school makes it out to be a big step up to senior school, but the school was very welcoming and friendly.  

The teachers know us all so well, they know what help we need.  I have developed a liking for science and have really got into sport.  The water sports opportunities are great, I have thoroughly enjoyed sailing and the trip to Turkey was amazing. There are so many trips, which help us understand what we are learning in class and broadens our horizons..

We all know about the Key Values, they are good guidelines for us pupils to work to.


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