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Nursery Fees

Nursery fees are structured differently from the main school.  Please click on the link below to view them in PDF form.

Claires Court Nursery Fees Document 

School Fees
2024 - 2025

YearTuition Fees Per Term
Year 1£4,485
Year 2£4,890
Years 3, 4, 5£5,100
Years 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11£6,915
Sixth Form £7,260


Fee Reductions

  • Nursery Education Funding
    the Reception fee for qualifying children (up to and including the term
    in which they turn five) is reduced to £3,000
  • Loyalty Discounts – Years 6, 7, 8
    for pupils entering Year 6 after completing full academic years in Years 4 & 5, the termly fee for Years 6, 7 and 8 is reduced by £660 to £6,255
  • Sixth Form
    for pupils entering Sixth Form after completing a full academic year in Year 11, the termly fee for Sixth Form is reduced by £150 to £7,110
  • Sibling Discounts
    available across the school for brothers and sisters attending at the same time
    (excluding Nursery), discounts apply per term: first sibling £300, second £450, third £600, fourth £750
  • Instalment Discount
    available across the school, a termly discount of £150 applies for participation in the installment scheme. Terms and conditions apply, see below.


All fees are collected by Direct Debit by one of the following methods:

  • Instalment scheme (see below)
  • Termly in full (before first day of term)
  • Yearly (in advance by arrangement, to be paid by the end of May)

Fees are collected from an eligible UK bank account maintained in the UK. The School will make an administrative charge of £50 in respect of a failed collection.

Fee Invoice And Extras

The termly fee due is advised on a Fee Invoice that is sent out on the last day of each term. Payment is due before the first day of the term to which they relate. An administration charge of 2% per month or part thereof is levied for late payment. Those extras not included in the fees, as detailed above and below, are itemised on the Fee Invoice at the end of term.


Notice For Withdrawal

A full term’s notice, in writing to the Head, is required for the withdrawal of a pupil from the School or from any chargeable extra subject, otherwise, a term’s fees will be payable in lieu of such notice.

Printable Fees & Further Details Document