photo of claires court senior boys students in class

Outstanding Care

Our pastoral care at Claires Court is outstanding and it is a major aspect of our school life for which we are renowned.  However pastoral support is not an area of the school to be seen in isolation; it links intimately with our academic and well-being programmes, and ultimately builds those foundations for academic success and a fulfilled life beyond. We know very well that our students excel when they know we ‘have their back’, academically, socially and emotionally. 

Key Value Award

The Claires Court Key Value Award incorporates all these aspects of good citizenship. Pupils develop their own record, validated by staff and peers, recognising where their conduct, engagement with others and contribution to school life has been exemplary.

If these key values are shown at school, pupils are awarded Key Values badges. 

Pupils can first achieve this after their first three terms at Claires Court, and then can typically achieve them as follows:

  •  Bronze - end of Year 7 
  •  Silver Year 8 or Year 9 
  •  Gold Year 10 or Year 11 
  •  Platinum Year 12 or Year 13 

School Nurses

We have nurses on site at each of our Schools who help with not just physical injuries but social and mental health too.  They are integral to the community and they work hand in hand with our core specialist academic & safeguarding staff to ensure that no child should feel invisible or lost.  They are specially trained in childrens' mental health and are always on hand during the school day. Based in their specialist well-being centres, the nurses have access to further expert professional resource including counselling and psychological services.

photo of claires court senior boys student with the school nurse