Academic Success

We strongly believe that academic success cannot be measured by league tables alone but by a child's confidence in their own success.  Our academic standards are high and rigorous enabling thorough testing of skills and knowledge throughout a term with Common Tasks, so called because every pupil in the specific year group sits the same assessment (one per term per subject) providing strong feedback for parents, teachers and learners alike.

Across the school, the academic curriculum provides a broad and coherent education for pupils of all ages, and fully supports the learning principles and philosophy of the School, and the high level of pupils’ achievements.



Reviewing and Improving

The balance of ongoing coursework combined with regular assessments is reported to parents regularly, with Autumn half, and end of term, grade cards throughout the year.  These are accompanied by at least one full subject report to amplify the form teacher’s feedback to parents once a year.

What We Learn in a Year 

GCSE Subjects

More detail about subject selection and the content of the courses is available in the following publication:

Senior Girls GCSE Options Handbook