photo of claires court senior boy pupils in art class

Your Place to Excel

Academically, we get the best out of our students, so that the results they achieve represent the best possible outcome for each and every one of them.

We achieve great results at GCSE and at A level too because we allow the pupils to really tailor their own education.  For example, pupils do not have to study a particular language, they can choose from Spanish, French or German, select two at GCSE or take none and select from other choices such as humanities or business.   

Supporting Our Students

Each and every child is welcomed, stretched, encouraged and supported to be the best they can be whilst learning with us. The values shown by our teachers, our parents and current students are instilled quite naturally through positive reinforcement of excellent behaviour, both in class and out, allowing our students to grow emotionally and academically. 

Why Choose Claires Court?

We strongly believe that offering an environment where your son can be challenged and supported will offer him the best start of his senior education.  We often hear that our boys feel like they belong, finding a group of like minded students with whom they can feel comfortable and confident.  At Claires Court, the boys like to learn. 

Your best way of seeing that is to visit the school and meet our boys at first hand; they are the best advert we could possibly have, ambitious for themselves and each other, keen to meet you as visitors and explain why for them the school has become so very important in their lives.

photo of claires court senior boy pupils in science class

My job as Head is to assist every boy to know his unique qualities and attributes, and to help him gain the confidence he needs to speak up and be listened to.  It's so important to also build resilience, to put setbacks behind him and quickly gain the confidence that you’ll see marks out our pupils when you meet with them! I look forward to welcoming you to our School soon. 

photo of James Wilding Head of Senior Boys on the claires court sofa

Mr James Wilding
Head of Senior Boys