A photo of a teacher with claires court nursery pupils

Making Our Children Feel Safe

A smooth transition to a new environment is really important and we want children to feel safe and secure in their surroundings, so all new children receive a home visit from staff. This helps us to start building a relationship with you and your child. We also offer a settling in session for children to spend time with us before they start. 

An Ongoing Collaboration

When joining Claires Court, each child will be allocated a nominated key person who will support your child in settling in, manage their learning experience and keep you informed of their progress. Our highly qualified and experienced staff understand that joining the school at Nursery is not only an exciting milestone for your child but also for you, their parents.


Supporting Children & Parents

We firmly believe that a good home/school relationship is very important for a child to flourish. We are always happy to have a chat at the end of the day, or if you need time to talk something through, phone calls or one-to-one appointments can easily be arranged. 

Reception invite Mothers and Grandmothers for a Mother's Day Breakfast

We work hard to get to know your family, creating a bond and understanding for both parents and child.