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Cashless Catering

Within its dining rooms Claires Court operates a cashless catering system.

This is a convenient system that allows parents to pay for lunches in advance online. It also enables us to serve food quickly and efficiently, as well as reduce the amount of cash circulating within the School. The system is also used at breakfast and at break times.

how does CASHLESS CATERING work 

Your child’s details are registered on our ‘Live Register’ system.

For pupils in Year 4 or below

We use the photograph held within the school database as identification for payment at the till. Pupils’ photographs are taken on their first day and annually every autumn.

For pupils in Year 5 and above

Payment will be authorised through the Live Register system using biometric information taken from the scanned image of an individual’s finger which generates a unique digital signature for identification purposes. This image is not stored and cannot be used by any other system.

Pupils’ fingers will be scanned on their first day and thereafter whenever necessary.

How to credit your account

Parents ‘credit’ their account with funds for school meals via the Payment Portal


If your child is in year 5 or above, you are required to give your consent via our Pupil Information Form to enable us to setup your son or daughter with a cashless catering account using biometric information for identification purposes in the Live Register system, ready for their start at Claires Court.

If you object to the use of biometric information for this purpose then we will provide your son or daughter with a 4-digit pin code for use as an alternative at the point-of-sale.  See below for more information.

Please note

Your consent relates to the use of biometric information only as a catering account is set up for all pupils on the School roll. If you intend to provide your child with a packed lunch (and therefore do not want your son or daughter access to their catering account at break or lunch times) then please contact our Domestic Bursar who can tailor an account to meet individual requirements.


Under the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (sections 26 to 28), we are required to notify each parent of a child and obtain the written consent of at least one parent before being able to use a child’s biometric information for an automated system. You should also note that the law places specific requirements on us when using personal information, such as biometric information, about pupils for the purposes of an automated biometric recognition system. For example:

• we cannot use the information for any purpose other than cashless catering without first obtaining your consent to do so;

• we must ensure that the information is stored securely;

• we must tell you what we intend to do with the information;

• unless the law allows it, we cannot disclose personal information to another person/body – you should note that the only person/body that we wish to share the information with is Live Register. This is necessary in order to establish, commission and maintain the Live Register system.

Even if you have consented, your child can object or refuse at any time to his/her biometric information being taken/used. His/her objection does not need to be in writing. We would appreciate it if you could discuss this with your son/daughter and explain to him/her that he/she can object to this if he/she wishes.

You may withdraw consent at any time by writing to the school.

Once your child ceases to use the biometric recognition system, his/her biometric information will be securely deleted by the School at the beginning of the academic year.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from parents about the Cashless Payment System.

Who is the best person to call or email in the first instance?

For food and spend limit queries please email the Domestic Bursar or if you wish to make immediate changes 01628 327371.

For Finance related queries in terms of Payment Portal and or Passwords please email the Finance Office. Please remember to keep your account in credit.

I see through my Parent Pay Portal my child has a tendency to snack rather than have a balanced meal. Is there anything we can do about this?

Yes there are several things we can do:-

Worse Case Scenario is we can lock their account all day. But remember you will then have to send in a packed lunch or other food.  A big padlock symbol appears on the till if they try to purchase something, this cannot be released without parental consent.*

LOCKING THE ACCOUNT IS too harsh as I still wish them to have a lunch - IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE YOU CAN DO?

OK, so we can lock breakfast and break times and allow only lunchtime purchases when break items are not available. This is usually a good one when you limit daily cash spend.

I would prefer them not to just buy a sandwich as I don’t have time to cook in the evening

That’s fine as we can restrict individual items. This applies to any service and by restricting items steers them into the remaining choices.

I  want my child to ONLY have fruit or yogurt as a pudding option


I want to make sure my child doesn’t accidentally eat any beef products due to religious reasons can you help?

Yes. We can put a message on the screen when they put their thumb on the reader to remind them and for the cashier to check the product they are trying to buy.

My son is heavily into rowing and £6 isn’t enough to keep him fuelled up. How do I increase his daily spend?

Just let us know what your limits are and we can do it

I think £6 is too much for a junior pupil. How can I reduce the daily spend?**

Just let us know what your limits are and we can do it


* However in times of severe family crisis we appreciate this isn’t always possible and we will use our common sense if the child isn’t sent in with a packed lunch. We will check with teacher and or reception and not allow them to go hungry if no one can give us the OK.

**Please remember to increase your limit as we do not take it for granted when they get older and or their interest in activities increase.

For any queries please contact: Domestic Bursar - Stephen Rhodes
01628 327371

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