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Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

A Typical Day Of Activities

Parent and member of staff


Whilst every day is different, Holiday Activities are structured within a broad theme and include specific planned activities. Our unique offering provides children with a choice of activities from each of the areas listed below, allowing for spontaneous ideas to be developed and expanded upon.  For those attending Sport Xtra the days are structured with just sport in mind!


Every day your child will explore their creative side, through at least one planned activity. Girls and boys are also encouraged to initiate further activities throughout the session, using the School’s art resources. They have great fun, being inspired to develop their talents through a range of activities from drawing and painting, construction time with Lego, k'nex and hama beads; to cooking, modelling or messy play activities like bubble painting or large-scale group artwork.


As with the creative activities, staff plan a specific physical activity for each session. These include organised team games in our dedicated sports hall, or simply providing the children with the opportunity to run, skip and jump in the safe and secure School grounds.


we have the following newer sessions of - Adventure and river extras and coding - to offer:

Adventure Xtra

Years 4 to 7  Incorporating:-

On Target; includes 

Archery: Introduction to the sport of Target Archery

By the end of the activity you will know the FUNdamentals of how to take your stance, load and shoot a recurve bow safely. During the activity the instructor will introduce archery games, challenges + tasks to support your skill development.

Axe Throwing     By the end of the activity you will be able to carry, throw and retrieve your axe safely. During the activity the instructor will offer coaching tips throughout to help you to hone your technique. Axe Throwing is a great way to burn off some energy!

Giant Catapults: Use your engineering and problem solving skills to build your catapults, reflect and review your techniques to improve your aim!


Bush Craft: includes 

Firebuilding Learn how to build a successful bushcraft fire, from tinder and kindling sourcing, to using flint and steel to light the fire.

Feather Sticks: You will be shown how to use your bushcraft knife to create feather sticks to support the lighting of the fire. How to create mallets to help you to split larger sections of wood to keep the fire going. A fantastic way to focus and ‘lose’ yourself in the moment.

Scavenger Hunt : Nature provides us with so many possibilities, its only when we're looking that we notice all of the amazing things around us everyday. Can you find the most items before the other team?

Shelter Build: Design your shelter using mother natures resources. Can you design and buikd a shelter for you and your team mates? What do you need to consider? Are you a lean to kinda person or would you prefer a ridge line?

Dream Team: includes 

Team Challenges: Team building at its best, we tailor the tasks and challenges to each group. Reviews take place at the end of each section to help you and your team progress and develop as the activity is delivered

Trust Games: Trust, a very small word with a huge meaning. This activity focuses on trust, honesty, and clear communication.

We are also running

River Xtra

Years 4 to 8 - from Boulters Lock, SL6 8PE (See Parents Guide regarding clothing advice)

Canoeing / Kayaking       Learn the FUNdamentals of how to control your boat while playing fun games and completing challenges. All with the support of our experienced and qualified British Canoeing Coaches!


Years 4 to 7

Coding is the method of communicating with a computer.  It teaches the basics of computer programming, and empowers children to create things such as computer software, websites, apps and video games.

Coding can develop cognitive skills, and it helps children with their mathematical and writing abilities, as they learn how to break down problems into smaller pieces, in order to solve them through creative and logical thinking. Our Holiday Club sessions encourage children to explore coding in a fun and interactive way.

Please would Claires Court children participating bring their school chrome books for the Coding sessions.


Usually at least once a week, during the Summer Holiday, we aim for our groups to take part in a session with an outside visitor or our own specially trained activity leader. These sessions provide children with a wide range of experiences, from visiting birds of prey, reptile encounters, a fire engine crew, circus entertainers and so many more.

Free Play

Children are given the chance to express themselves and use their imagination within a safe and supportive environment. Staff actively encourage freedom of choice throughout the programme. No activity is compulsory, and children are able to exercise real freedom of choice, taking full responsibility for their play activities. As much time as possible is spent outdoors, where boys and girls use all the games equipment within the large and secure playground.

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