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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Inspection Report

ISI Regulatory Compliance Inspection Report - January 2018 

Following a visit by representatives of the Independent Schools Inspectorate on the 24 and 25 January to conduct a Regulatory Compliance only inspection, Claires Court has fully met all the required standards.

This important inspection confirms that the School is compliant with all of the specified regulations and associated legal requirements set against a set of eight standards. In this particular inspection schools either meet or do not meet the requirements.

During their visit which covered all three sites, inspectors observed lessons, conducted formal interviews with pupils, examined samples of pupils’ work and analysed responses from parent and pupil questionnaires.  They held discussions with teaching staff and observed a sample of extra-curricular activities, as well as meeting with school leaders to check on the school’s management of welfare, health and safety, staff recruitment, the handling of complaints, as well as information and reports provided for parents and guardians.

The report noted the quality of teaching enables pupils to make good progress and recognised that the School’s values are actively promoted and facilitate the personal development of pupils as responsible and tolerant citizens.  The School expects the next education quality with compliance inspection to take place in 2021.

Academic Principal James Wilding expressed his gratitude to staff, pupils and parents for contributing in their own way to the successful outcome of the inspection:

“Firstly, I thank all our hard working staff whose efforts ensured such a successful outcome. And thanks too to those very many parents and pupils who took the time to complete the mandatory questionnaires and additional comments to assist the inspectors in their visit.”

Independent Schools Inspectorate visit - March 2014

At Claires Court we are extremely proud that following the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) visit in March 2014, our myriad qualities were recognised as "excellent" in so very many areas. 

We are delighted that across the School the hard work of pupils, staff, parents and the wider school community was acknowledged in their glowing report.

The school is highly successful in promoting its core values and fulfilling its stated mission and purpose. Pupils throughout the school are very well educated in line with the school's ambitious aims to develop confident, resilient and collaborative learners.

ISI report 2014

You can download the full report here, or read the highlights below:

Achievements and Learning - "Excellent" 

The inspection team was impressed with the level of our pupils' knowledge and the success of their achievements.

"Throughout all stages, from the EYFS to the Sixth Form, pupils develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to make the most of their talents and the opportunities available to them…"

"Educational provision and outcomes for children in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) are excellent."

From the youngest, who showed their eagerness to learn, to the eldest who displayed their mature approach to reasoning and analysis, the inspectors commended our pupils' excellent attitude to learning.

"[Pupils] display exemplary attitudes to their studies and activities and show strong learning skills and excellent collaboration with other learners."

Curricular and Extra–curricular Provision - "Excellent" 

The inspectors commended the academic curriculum, describing it as "a broad and coherent education for pupils of all ages", one that, "fully supports the learning principles and philosophy of the school, and the high level of pupils' achievements."

"The very high standards achieved by pupils are enhanced by the excellent curricular and extra–curricular provision and by an innovative approach to enhance the pupils' use of digital technology."

Inspectors were impressed with the wide range of sporting, creative and performance activities, as well as the recreational activities and clubs offered across the School. Pupils told inspectors that they rate the quality and range of the programme very highly.

Teaching - "Excellent" 

The inspectors praised our teachers for making "an excellent contribution to the high quality achievements enjoyed by pupils throughout the school."

In recognising that Claires Court is in many ways a large school but one which always prides itself in knowing its pupils, the inspectors commented:

"Small teaching groups and the teachers' strong understanding of the needs of individual pupils enhance their progress and learning."

Pastoral Care - "Excellent" 

The inspectors commended the pastoral care, recognising that throughout the School it is a major factor in the high levels of pupils' success.

"The quality of relationships between staff and pupils, and amongst the pupils themselves, is excellent."

They also said, "Pupils appreciate the cultural and social diversity of the school and firm friendships are established between pupils of different ages."

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development of the Pupils - "Excellent" 

Our pupils take pride in their School and understand the qualities of our essential core values — responsibility, respect, loyalty and integrity — and they work hard to uphold them. The inspectors stated:

"Pupils of all ages display excellent personal development…"

"They are supportive of each other, very mature for their age, and develop exceptionally strong and supportive relationships with each other and with their teachers."

"…the atmosphere throughout the school is one of friendliness and caring."

Governance - "Excellent" 

The inspectors considered that the two principals "share and promote a strong sense of purpose with passion and commitment."

Leadership and Management - "Good" & "excellent" in many aspects 

Throughout the whole School, the inspectors found:

The overwhelming majority of our parents said, "they would recommend the school to others" and that they feel "very welcome within the school, and are confident that their children are well known and cared for by staff."

Welfare, Health and Safety - "Excellent" 

The visiting inspectors found that the arrangements to safeguard and promote pupils' health, safety and welfare are excellent.

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