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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Personalised Learning

Pupil learning

In small classes our skilful teachers make learning fun but challenging.

Their personalised approach to teaching and differentiation in the classroom ensures that learners of diverse abilities are stretched and challenged or supported and encouraged. Our teachers have high expectations for all of our learners inspiring them to believe anything is possible.

Our teachers know which skills each pupil is working on, their level and where they need to be moving on to. They will get to know your daughter as an individual learner, ensuring she has mastered and consolidated the fundamental skills before she progresses.

To develop the skills of independent learning, enquiry and problem solving, the curriculum is expressed as a series of questions which can be seen within the topic webs. Answering these questions challenges our young learners to research and select information to construct a solution. This allows us to create independent and collaborative learning opportunities enabling the high level of differentiation.

Our assessment and marking processes reflect this approach. Credit will be given for finding the solution, by showing that factual knowledge has been acquired and for showing evidence of using our ‘Essentials’.


The Learning Development Department aims to support girls with specific difficulties in reading, spelling and numeracy. Your daughter will be assessed when she joins Junior Girls and if learning needs are identified or emerge at a later date, the Head of Learning Development will liaise with parents and staff about appropriate teaching and learning strategies. Help is based on individual need and in the event of a girl requiring specific support; parents are advised of this need and any further costs that may entail.

The strongly child-centred approach, where each pupil is well known and given close individual attention, is a great strength.

ISI Report 2014


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