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End of term message

This week has provided us with plenty of opportunities to keep hard at our academic endeavours, enjoy celebrations and think about the future and reflect on our memories, as our Year 6 boys begin to transition into Senior School, Year 2 move from the Pre-Prep to the Prep and our next cohort of lively boys visited Reception.

Monday kicked off, or should I more accurately say, twanged to the sound of Year 6 archers. Henry V would certainly have been impressed by our boys and girls on the battlefield all those years ago. It was wonderful to see Mr Leuzinger act as lead ‘fletcher’ on the Junior Boys fields once more. Thank you Eric. The tournament melee so beloved of yesteryear also needed swordsmanship and fencing was also another skill enjoyed by the boys and girls. 

Tuesday started with a deluge and our cricket fields certainly resembled the muddy Agincourt which unfortunately led to a postponement of the Year 4 House Cricket. The weather though did not dampen the spirits and smiles of the boys as they eagerly strode into school knowing they were going to meet their new tutors on our Moving Up Day. It was wonderful to greet and see our new Reception children join us for the morning. What a lovely, politely confident charming group they were and Miss Samios and Mrs Ramsey were thrilled with their excitement and enthusiasm. 

Henry V’s iconic Shakespearean speech has survived the ages. Whether lines in Year 6’s production do is another matter but what I do know is that Ms Stay, her supporting colleagues and especially the boys are having plenty of fun and are putting in lots of time to make their performance next Tuesday as vibrant as possible. 

Wednesday saw Year 6 enjoy their House matches with a traditional CCJB Caribbean twist. An entertaining afternoon of cricket was managed even if we had to dodge an initial monsoon-like squall. The BBQ was also really appreciated and it was fortunate that Mr Pennington was there just in case we needed his ‘forest school’ expertise to keep the flames roaring. Well done Dorney. Year 4 and 5 matches were scheduled for today.

Thursday saw the eldest boys and girls enjoy learning how to ride the bicycles and take a few risks with the slalom courses, whilst Year 1 enjoyed a virtual visit from illustrator Rob Biddulph. They also toured Windsor Castle on Friday.  

Year 1 then joined the rest of Pre-Prep pupils who are always full of energy and enthusiasm. They were especially excited on Thursday as they proudly presented their performances, celebrated their successes throughout the year and then enjoyed their picnic with their parents. All the boys performed with a sparkle and Year 2 who have been great leaders of the Pre-Prep this year can look forward with confidence to starting their next Key Stage. I know Miss Wilding and Miss Bharj were delighted with their involvement on Moving Up Morning. 

Football might be out of season but it is certainly on everyone’s minds and it was good to finish the week with an England mufti day inspired by pupil, Theo, Year 4. Fingers crossed for Sunday!

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