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from Nursery to Sixth Form

Nursery Fascinated by the Great Outdoors

A very busy, exciting week which has encompassed the pupils topic of 'The Great Outdoors'.

The nursery were very excited to have discovered stag beetle larva in the nursery garden. They were all in awe of what it looked like, especially after seeing the fully grown stag beetle too.

As the stag beetles are endangered the children put tNursery Find Beetle Lavaehe larva back and created a protective cover for the stag beetle to develop.

Recently the children have also been observing developing butterflies. The children have watched them transform from caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly, and can now name the stages of the lifecycle of a butterfly.

They have also discussed what an insect is and how to be an insect: it has to have six legs and three parts to their body! Joshua remembered the next day that the parts were "the head, middle bit is the thorax and the bottom is the abdomen."

One boy, Axel, found a picture of an emperor moth in a book called 'Totally Weird Insects'. He created his own and learnt that it's antenna can pick up another moth 18 miles away.

Nursery Fascinated by Butterflies

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