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Micromouse Bots Compete

Boys in Year 7 took a trip to Birmingham last Saturday for the Micromouse competition. The School takes part in this competition every year with a group of Year 7s who make their own robots during the Design and Technology after school club. On the day they compete in three events; the line follower, the drag race and the maze solving event.

In the line follower event the robotic mouse has to follow a 19mm wide white line on a black background around a circuit.  It has to negotiate curves as tight as 150mm radius, long straights and crossovers.  The winner is the mouse that completes the course in the fastest time.

For the drag race event the mouse has to follow a straight line for approximately 7 metres as fast as possible and must stop before reaching the end of the track.

The wall follower event requires the mouse toSenior Boys Micro-Mouse Competition run in a maze and follow the left hand wall to successfully negotiate a path to the centre square.

Some teams use one mouse for all three events, changing sensors and wheels to reconfigure the mouse each time.  Other teams make mice dedicated to line following to compete in the line follower and drag events and completely separate mice to tackle the technically more challenging maze event.

Medals were presented to the owner of any mouse that successfully completed the course in each of the events. Two of the Claires Court competitors collected the maximum of three medals and a total of 59 medals were presented on the day.  In addition, trophies were awaSenior Boys Micro-Mouserded to the owners of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed mice in each event. The Claires Court mice proved very reliable and were awarded a total of 14 medals between them:

Raphael Baker won 2 medals with his mouse “Flash Mouse”
Archie Cottingham won 2 medals with his mouse “MouseXT1”
Alistair Jesseman won 3 medals with his mouse “Thunderbolt”
Jonny Payne won 2 medals with his mouse “Doofbot”
Jamie Reddington won 3 medals with his mouse “Verpbot”
Aaron Mussell won 2 medals with his mouse “Roboracer”

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