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Facts and Fun at Medieval Day

On the 28 June all Year 7 came together at Senior Girls for a Medieval Day. Year 7 pupil, Millie Foxwell gives us an account of the workshops:

We were visited by Hands on History and they were here to fill our day with facts and fun. We were split into four groups and we learnt the following:

Year 7 Medieval DayHelmets
First our group went to helmets we had to arrange the helmets into order on how old they were. Martin called everyone up and then came my turn, he made me stand up and placed a helmet on my head, to be honest it was possibly the most uncomfortable piece of head wear I had ever worn and it stank so much. Then he put us in pairs so we could try on all the helmets.

In armour we got a chance to try on such things as chainmail and body armour. Mia decided she wanted to try on the chainmail and it was so heavy it took three fully grown men to safely remove the chainmail from Mia's tiny little body.

A nice man called Nick showed us all the different types of weaponYear 7 Medieval Days that were used back in the day. It was quite fascinating how the weapons differ from the present weapons of the day. He should us how to use them.

A kind women showed us a bunch of different types of furs. The first one she showed us was the red deer. She showed us lots of animal fur and animal skeletons after she tested us on different types.

I loved the Medieval Day, it was so fun I loved all of it and I learned a lot of things. I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did.

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