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Pre-prep 'Food, Glorious Food!' Concert

Summer again and time to decide the Pre-Prep concert 'theme'. Never an easy decision but this year the Junior Boys were lucky enough to have the support of a new music teacher, Mrs Emma Stevenson, who suggested Food. A topic always close to a small (or even a big) boys' heart!

Rehearsals went well and the boys sang about 'Soggy Greens' and ‘Ice Cream Dreams’. Reception sang about 'Ten Fat Sausages' banging and popping as they went. Year 1 sang a 'Chinese Fruit Song' and the only word anyone understood was .....'mango'! Year 2 raided 'The Quartermaster's Stores' and then sang 'What did you have for Dinner Today?' in a round which had the teachers all holding their breath, tapping their toes and hoping they all arrived at the right time in the right place!!

Mrs Jane Wood, Year 2 Teacher commented:

“What always amazes about these concerts is the number of words our young boys are actually capable of learning; so many poems and so many songs all wordperfect. They are a credit to themselves and make us, their teacher's very proud.”

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