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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

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Fancy Dress for a Sponsored Walk

Every year pupils at  Claires Court take part in a 3for3 fundraising week, where each division selects three charities to raise money.

One of the highlight events is the Senior Boys fancy dress sponsored walk that took place on Thursday 3 March.

Having selected Alexander Devine, Thames Valley Adventure Playground and Kids in Sports as their chosen charities,  Year 7 and 8 pupils took up the challenge of their annual walk with gusto and enthusiasm.

Parading in a colourful array of wonderful fancy dress outfits, the boys began their walk from Eton Wick, embarking on a six mile  journey that took them along the Jubilee River. After a hearty lunch by the riverbank, they continued walking until their final destination at Thames Valley Adventure Playground, one of the 3for3 charities supported by the school. It was a great opportunity to try out some of the facilities which their sponsorship money helps to maintain. It was rather bizarre seeing a banana, Sherlock Holmes and an inflatable bull explore the playground!

John Rayer Head of Senior Boys said,

“This walk is the highlight in our fundraising calendar, the boys are always so enthusiastic about their costumes.  Their visit to TVAP gives them the opportunity to reflect on why we do this event and what an impact their support can have to those less fortunate.”

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