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A Magical Trip to the Opera

On Wednesday, GCSE and A Level music students went to see ‘The Magic Flute’ at the London Coliseum accompanied by teachers Miss Goodsell and Mr Roach.

Senior Girls, Music Prefect, Millie wrote an account of the day;

“The version of the opera that we saw was modernised and included many different special effects such as; the instrumentalists using paper to create the image of birds by fluttering the paper around and the use of a chalkboard which was then projected as a backdrop. This meant that the artist drawing on the chalk board could set the scene and make it clear to the audience where the scene was set.

Unusually, the orchestra was only in a shallow orchestral pit, I really enjoyed being able to see the orchestra and how it was laid out, as it was very different to a classical symphony orchestra. There was interaction between the instrumentalists and the singers and that included the solo flute player becoming part of the action on stage. There was also a box filled with percussion and we could see how the instrumentalist was producing the sounds such as rain and footsteps.
The whole group really enjoyed the trip and on behalf of the students who attended I would like to thank Miss Goodsell for organising it as we all had a great time.”

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