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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Awakening the Force Within

Children at Claires Court Holiday Activities have been treated to a plethora of activities as the whole week has been themed around Space and the Planets and a Cricket Masterclass.

On Wednesday 30 March, Members from the Maidenhead Astronomical Society (Robin Oldman, Steve Buniak & Andy Tate) came along to Holiday Club to hold an informative session about the stars and planets and helped the children explore the sky through telescopes. The group were able to safely look at the sun and saw a scale model of the galaxy that the astronomers brought with them.

Holiday Club Rocket LaunchingDuring Thursday children were put through a training course to become a Jedi. They had great fun making light sabers, before using their Jedi powers to keep a balloon on their light saber. Each Jedi had to try and keep their balloon in the air for as long as they could. The activity is based on the original Star Wars movie: "Episode IV: A New Hope" where Obi Wan first teaches Luke about ‘The Force’. A Jedi quiz, Jedi challenges and a lesson on mind control were also enjoyed by children.

Other activities throughout the week included making a luna landing module safely land an egg on the ‘moon’, baking space rock buns, space top trumps competition and making rockets. Once the children had made their rockets, they were fired using water and a pump, with the pressure used to make the rocket go as far as it could! Shaving foam and paint were mixed together to make the planet Earth, while Oreos and pink sugar were combined to make Moon Rocks.

Chris Ellis, Holiday Club Leader said,

"All the children have loved becoming Jedi’s and awakening their force! It has been a fantastic theme to help them understand more about space and the planets through these activities.”

Sports Club held a Cricket Masterclass last week teaching the skills and techniques for bowling, batting, throwing and catching. Children were then able to put these into practise with match play, helping to develop the techniques further.

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