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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Australia and British Cycling Week

Despite the rain clouds Holiday Activities has been bursting with fun…

Spa Salon has been a hit with beach accessories and body scrub made by the group and their giant ball has been used for lots of games and activities which is a BIG hit with the children. Thursday a new creation was added to our Cardboard City, Sydney Opera House, can you spot the likeness?

Sydney BridgeUnfortunately the weather has taken our Wet and Wild Wednesdays literally! Every Wednesday we have had wet and wild weather, we do hope this will not be the case next week! In the Mini Club they tasted Fairy Bread; a traditional food in Australia which consists of bread, butter and sprinkles!!

In cookery, boys and girls made some yummy foods whilst learning the History behind them. They made pavlova, (inspired by a visit to Australia in the 1920's from a Russian Ballerina) and Anzac biscuits (made and sent by army wives to soldiers fighting abroad). The children loved making the treats and packaged them in colourful, handmade boxes to take home. It was a very fun, historical and yummy day!

Over to Sports Club who hosted a Swim Cycle British Cycling at Holiday ActivitiesRun week.  Each day the children started off with a competitive run in their various age groups, with the aim to achieve the lowest time around our various running courses. This was followed by the British Cycling Coaching Team, who brought along their highly experienced coaches showing the children that there is a lot more to cycling than they first thought, offering a huge amount of enjoyment as well as a great deal of exciting learning.

The boys and girls learnt a wide range of skills over the three days; from using their gears effectively and the basics of racing to heading off into Maidenheads Thicket to tackle muddy tracks and forest jumps. Finally, at the end of each day the children would head to the pool for a stroke improvement session and finishing off with some individual and team races.

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