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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Swimmers Raise Huge Amounts of Money

Claires Court have been congratulated by the Lions Club Swimarathon organiser, Brenda Butler, for their contribution to the  Lions Club Swimarathon held in January.

She confirmed the exact amount of money raised by the Sixth Form, Junior and Senior Girls and commented that the School’s support for the event and the amount of money raised demonstrates the great generosity of time and commitment by the pupils:

The Sixth Form raised their best total ever of £838.60.

The Junior and Senior girls (participating for the first time) raised £513.63.

Claires Court were also awarded a prize donation of £200 by the Lions Club to put towards the School’s chosen charity.

This makes a grand total of £1352.23 raised by Claires Court, of which the School’s 3for3 charities receive half (£676.12) along with the prize donation of £200 resulting in a total of £876.12 and a further £676.11 to the Lions charity.

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