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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Mercedes Work Experience

A Year 12 pupil had an amazing work experience opportunity at Mercedes.  Here's Wil's account of his week.

"On the first day I arrived at the Mercedes factory in Brackley and had to get kitted out. I received two jumpers, two polo shirts and one normal pair of trousers and a pair of race trousers. I worked in Rapid Production (RP) which is using machines that uses SLS (selective level sintering) powder to make parts for the cars. After this, I had to clear the excess powder off of the parts, which you then do with a negative pressure blower.

On Tuesday, I was working in the machine shop. The machine shop is using machines that can turn on axis X, Y and Z to cut parts out of ally and steel. The guys that work there have tolerances of 10 microns - that's only 0.01 mm! On Wednesday I was in the wind tunnel. The teams can only test 60% models in the wind tunnel as stated by the FIA. I was taken round the whole wind tunnel and saw the data that the wind tunnel produces.

On Thursday I was back in RP. At lunchtime, I got invited out on a run with some of the people working in RP and the model shop. We went and did interval training around a lake. Then in the afternoon I was in composites. I made a carbon fibre mould from 6 layers of carbon fibre. On Friday, I was working in the model shop on the rear wing endplates. I also finished off my carbon fibre mould by putting an SLS made car and a laser etched plate on it. This has given me a real inspiration for working in this sector and I hope to go into an apprenticeship when I leave Sixth Form."

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