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Half-Term Language Trips Away

During the half-term break language pupils in Years 9-11 visited their respective countries to practise the language, embrace a different culture and explore the country. German pupils visited Hamburg, French ventured to Normandy and Spanish pupils explored Andalucia.


A group of 17 Year 9 and 10 girls and boys accompanied by Mrs Denton and Mr Roach went on a class trip to Hamburg, the second biggest German city in the north of Germany. Visits included the harbour and a boat trip to the big container ships, the red brick warehouse district with its canals, the stunning new concert hall, the historic town hall with its splendid staterooms and the emigration museum. Pupils tasted local foods such as ‘Currywursr’ and ‘Heringsbrötchen’ and practised their German when buying their own lunch, navigating their way on public transport and meeting Germans in the youth hostel. Fun activities included bowling, a guided tour by blind people through the dark and a visit to the world’s Normandybiggest model railway exhibition (Mr Roach’s favourite). A great experience and wonderful trip!


On possibly the stormiest day of the year, in a force 9 gale, 23 intrepid French pupils, accompanied by Mrs Lattimer and Mrs Burdett, crossed the Channel to Normandy, where they stoically undertook a variety of activities in the pouring rain. Despite all this, spirits refused to be dampened, a great deal of French was heard and practised and snails were duly tasted. Everyone enjoyed the trip to the local market and to Mont St Michel and a great time was had by all!


The Spanish trip was a great experience for our Andalusiapupils who not only enjoyed the sun, the beach and the paella, but also learned a lot about the history of the country. They visited some beautiful sites in Córdoba and Granada and whilst walking along the narrow streets of both cities, learned about the Moorish heritage in Andalucía and the visit to Alhambra was fascinating. A lively flamenco show introduced the girls and boys to a very interesting part of the Spanish culture. They had a fantastic time and our pupils were often complimented for their good behaviour.

Take a look at all the photos from the trips in our gallery.

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