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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Magical Science Lesson

Year 5 were enthralled and inspired when Mrs Helen Williams, Science teacher turned into a witch and gave them a really magical science lesson. Using wands they turned on a light bulb, levitated a piece of wood to create a spinning top, had a 'shocking time' with static electricity and made an amber liquid magically change to red and green by shaking it.

Year 5 Magic ScienceThen Professor Electra (otherwise known as Mrs Williams) had a break and poured some 'Witches Wine', however it was Red and she doesn't like red wine. The class decided to make a spell and changed it to White. But because we can't drink wine in school, they made even more spells to change the same wine to milk, strawberry milk shake and lemonade. Other exciting experiments were using magic liquid to mend broken glass and exploded a black powder.

One of the girls said ‘I want to be a scientist!’

Miss Leanne Barlow, Head of Junior Girls said

“The class (and Miss Philp!) were wowed by Mrs Williams spells and potions. She even elevated an object!! The science behind her experiments was incredible and the girls learned a huge amount.”

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